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Lord of the Rings. War in the North.

Post Comic-Com Immersive Experience

Warner Bors. Entertainment wanted to re-energize the core LOTR fans and get them buzzing about the new game so there would be increased anticipation for it’s release. We held a invite only one-night event and created an immersive experience so that fans could feel like they were part of the story. Durring my time with agency Blind Society  I helped with concepts, art direction and design.

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Social and mobile campaign apps for brands

Blulbstorm amplifies engagement on all your social media channels. They build campaigns to keep users connected for up to 6 minutes on average. Unfortunately this work was never produced dude to a company buy out just after concepts were presented. I was responsible for art direction and design.

  • Looterang


Rewards that Revolve Around You

Looterang harnesses the power of your credit or debit card by taking the hassle out of coupons and automatically giving you cash back every time you swipe your card. The idea came about because getting rewards for spending should be easier. We all want discounts on things that we buy, but most of us don’t want to pay ahead of time or print/cut out a coupon. This was more work that I was responsible for while at Blind Society. I helped with name creation, overall brand development, website design, and a advertising campaign. We designed a mobile app for both iOS and Android.
  • Carvana


100% online car shopping, buying and financing

People really dread the process of buying a car at a dealership. The team at Carvana wanted to create a fresh car buying alternative, where you can buy a car from click to delivery, 100% online. This was a complete brand build from the ground up. I assisted the Blind Society team with naming, brand development and website design.

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Family Entertainment Center

The problem with most FEC’s is that they are usually dirty franchised establishments with outdated games bad service and food not worth eating. Flipside set out to create something different and they did. There are 28 lanes of Bowling, Laser Tag, and Bumper Cars. A comfortable lounge with a cafe where mom or dad can relax before jumping back in to join the fun. Clean, kid-friendly, and HUGE. This was a complete brand development project that I worked on at Blind Society.

  • LaDolcePesca

La Dolce Pesca

Handmade cakes and pastries from scratch.

Italian for “the sweet peach” La Dolce Pesca is a independently owned bakery in Arizona. PJ South, the owner of La Dolce Pesca is a good friend of mine and she needed help giving her company an identity refresh. I started by creating a new logo and then a whole new website to show off her creations as well as inquire more about her services.

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  • SoberUp

Sober Up

A lifestyle enhancing beverage

SOBER UP is the first ever natural detoxification enhancer that helps the body quickly remove harmful toxins and restore balance. SOBER UP is clinically proven to restore mental clarity, reduce the negative effects of toxins, eliminate hangover symptoms and is extremely beneficial to the liver. This was a brand building project I worked on at Blind Society that included logo development, website, marketing and advertising.

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  • ASU

Arizona State University

Fork Invasion & Victory Campaign

Prior to the kickoff of the 2012 college football season Blind Society worked with Sun Devil Athletics on a new victory campaign. We executed 3 marketing stunts including a website takeover, a photobooth station and a state wide mascot invasion. Under some serious deadlines I helped with art direction, design and directed Sparky as we visited over 25 landmarks throughout the state, using a 10,000 watt spotlight projecting a maroon and gold Pitchfork.

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  • PureRoom


Advanced allergy protection in hotel rooms world wide

The intention behind creating PURE has always been about making lives better – and they do this by creating solutions & offering anti-allergy products, such as clean air purifiers, that enable health-conscious individuals to confidently live a clean, quality lifestyle. Blind Society was hired to create a website experience and mobile website. I was lead art director on this website and worked closely with development overseas.

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  • Suzuki

Suzuki Cycles

50 years in the USA

It is an ongoing effort to stay top of mind with previous, current, or future Suzuki’s Motorcycle and ATV owners. Suzuki targets specific demographics with weekly email campaigns to help gain more marketshare. Working closely with their marketing team I design email newletters that reach thousands of people each week.

  • SockoEnergy

Socko Energy

The rise of Energy Drinks

Back in 2006 Socko started as the primary product of energy drink maker Bliss Beverages. This was a great tasting drink hinting of lime and berry, with no bitter aftertaste. Socko was the nations fastest growing energy drink. They partnered with many celebrities from Hulk Hogan to Sylvester Stallone and has made appearance in many national networked shows and hollywood films. I was responsible for naming the product as well as brand development and retail marketing.

  • StoneJersey

Arrogant Bastard Jersey Design

Stone brewing Company

Back in Novemeber of 2010 the folks over at Canari, who make kick ass cycling jerseys, ran a design contest that I just had to enter. They asked fans to design a new Arrogant Bastard Ale cycling jersey!  In Mid December I got the great news via facebook that Stone Brewing Co. announced my submission was chosen and I took the overall prize! Buy the jersey here at the Stone Company Store if they aren’t sold out.

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O’Neil Custom Cycles

High quality bicycles, components, and gear.

The vision for O’Neil Custom Cycles is to be able to provide substantial cost savings to customers due to low overhead, and still service the cycling community. They sponsor local races and charity events as well as help with trail maintenance excursions. I worked closely with the owner to developing an identity that appealed to all cyclist and the cycling community. I also design a custom race kit and mobile booth for race day.

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Custom Concrete Design

SlabHaus is a high end concrete artisan studio focusing on timeless design fundamentals. My buddy Brandon Boetto (Former Graphic Designer / Marketing Guru) turned Industrial Concrete Artist set out to create everlasting pieces of unique art with his bare hands and a over abundance of imagination. I worked closely with him on designing the visual identity.

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  • SixPackDeep

Six Pack Deep

Cycling Apparel

Not all cycling apparel is created equal. What is common among cyclists though is they like to drink some beer! SPD was idea spun up by a buddy of mine that wanted shirts that had something to do with drinking beer and riding bikes. These shirts were one offs but who knows they may resurface someday, keep and eye out on the trails.

  • Lapdesk

The Laptop Lapdesk

Comfortable Laptop Computing

There is huge need for comfort when using mobile devices like laptops. The lapdesk was created to sit anywhere and comfortably set the laptop on your lap and work away. A local company that manufactures overseas hired me to design packaging for these lapdesks in 3 styles. They are sold primarily online through amazon.

  • DesignArchive

Design Archive

Going way way back

Since I’ve been doing this design stuff for over 14 years it’s almost impossible to show everything I’ve ever done. Nor do you want to see that much of my work. But hey if you have a little time to kill and want to get a look at some older projects then don’t let me stop to and follow the link below.

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